DataClaim Price list

1. Definitions

Our Price List should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Disclaimer, where you will find all the defined terms used in our Price List.

2. Free services

DataClaim does not charge anything for its delivery of Eligibility Service and Information Service and unsuccessful Justice as a Service.

3. Service Fee

If DataClaim is successful with providing Justice as a Service and the Client receives Data Compensation, DataClaim is entitled to its Service Fee, which will be deducted from Data Compensation.

For all Claims, the Service Fee is 35% of the received Compensation, excluding VAT and/or sales tax, if applicable.

If you are a resident of the UK or EU, VAT shall not be applied making the service significantly cheaper and more affordable than other alternatives.

4. Legal Action Fee

The Legal Action Fee is only charged, if Legal Action was necessary to provide successful Justice as a Service and will be deducted from your Data Compensation in addition to the Service Fee.

The Legal Action Fee is 15% of the received Data Compensation, excluding VAT and/or sales tax, if applicable.

If the law suit is resolved in the court of the UK or any of the EU countries, where courts allow recovery of legal costs Legal Action Fee shall generally not be applicable, thus making the service cheaper and more affordable.

5. Customers from DataClaim Partners and other Corporate Agreements

If you have entered into an Agreement with DataClaim through any of DataClaim partners or other corporate agreements, the fee structure, payout options, currency conversion and similar might be different depending on the specific level of services provided and individual terms agreed upon.

6. Data Compensation Amount

DataClaim will claim Data Compensation in the currency of compensation as per applicable Consumer Data Privacy Rights Regulations. For example UK GDPR and Data Protection Act provides for compensation payable in UK pounds, CCPA in US Dollars, EU GDPR in EUR. After Data Compensation is collected, DataClaim will inform you and initiate pay-out in currency per Consumer Data Privacy Rights Regulations.

This applies despite that DataClaim might be paid in another currency by the concerned Organization and incur fees and FX cost related to receiving the funds. DataClaim will therefore never reduce the correct amount of compensation with potential FX cost and bank charges related to receiving funds.

All compensation is therefore always paid in the applicable countries currency as per applicable Consumer Data Privacy Rights Regulations, unless otherwise specifically requested by the Client and accepted by DataClaim.

This gives the Client transparency on the compensation paid out and the ability to always be able to check that DataClaim has transferred the correct amount in accordance with applicable Consumer Data Privacy Rights Regulations.

7. Bank Transfer

While DataClaim is using best possible ways to achieve fastest, reliable and most economic way for payouts, Client is responsible for transfer associated fees, be it bank charges in case of bank transfer or alternative financial service providers charging lower fees to send Data Compensation to Clients. Such fees/charges will be deducted from the Data Compensation payout, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Same applies to any additional fees/costs related to Intermediaries/beneficiary banks.

8. Free Check Payments in USD

DataClaim offers check payments in USD as a payout method only if you are a resident of the USA. There will not be any charges/fees of any type charged by DataClaim. All fees/costs related to issuing checks will be fully covered by DataClaim. However, DataClaim will not cover any additional fees/costs related to the cashing of the checks.

9. Value Added Tax (VAT), Sales Tax

All fees and charges stated in this Price List exclude any VAT and/or sales tax, if applicable, unless otherwise specified.

Published on May 9, 2020

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