Data breach compensation FAQ

How much compensation will I get for a data breach?

If you are from the UK: minimum level of damages at settlement stage would be between £750 to £1,000, however this can be much higher if your sensitive information was involved (medical data breach could lead to £6,000 in compensation) and breach impact was severe. However, courts have not set clear guidelines yet for a claim under the Data Protection Act. The amount of compensation depends on the impact on you.

If you are from the California: the law sets statutory damages for private right of action from up to $750 in data breach compensation.

If you from EU: compensation can vary significantly depending on the country of claim, but it can reach €1,000.

What can I claim for?

Generally, you can claim for both damages, distress and inconvenience. In most cases, you can bring a claim for compensation for the failure to protect your personal data, even if you haven’t suffered any material losses as a result.

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